• ElasticSearch is a near real time search platform build on top of Apache Lucene™
  • ElasticSearch supports ACID for a single document only
  • Cluster is a collection of one or more nodes storing, indexing, and searching data
  • Node is a single server in a cluster, nodes discover each other with unicast and by cluster name defined in /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml
  • Node can be configured as master-eligible, data, client, tribe, or left default: master-eligible and data node
  • Index is a collection of documents and equivalent of Rdbms (Relational Database Management System) database or schema
  • Type is a leftover from previous version as collection of documents of a specific type inside index, v6 supports one type per index only
  • Document is a basic unit of operation for indexing, replications, and searching. An approximate equivalent of a row/record in Rdbms. Document can be searched for in an index, but when being indexed must be assigned to a type

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