Search Exercise

  • Log-in into your ElasticSearch sandbox
  • Make sure elastic search is running:
    sudo service elasticsearch restart
  • We have covered following data-model approaches: aggregation, nested objects, and parent-child relationship
  • There is likely not enough time to cover all options in a single exercise
  • Pick a use case for data to map and discuss what's the best way to define mapping: simple, nested, or parent-child
  • Create index using create index api:
    curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/<index-name>?pretty=true' \
    -H 'content-type:application:json' \
    -d '
    "mappings": {
  • Populate test data
  • Come up with queries to run
  • Execute and troubleshoot queries using syntax specific to your use-case: simple, nested, parent-child
  • If there is time - consider alternative data-modelling and discuss pros/cons between the two
  • You will be asked to present your considerations and findings

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