Coordinate Map

  • Previously 'Tile Map'
  • Possibly the most interesting visualization
  • Requires mappings to be configured with geo_point type
  • For previously populated log data cannot modify mapping for coordinates
  • We will have to delete the indices created, re-create indices with mapping, and to re-populate data
  • Shell script prepared for you right-click and save
  • Or download the script to the sandbox by running following command:
    curl -o
  • chmod +x will be required to grant execution permission
  • Execute the script:
  • Go back to Visualize tab and select 'Coordinate map'
  • Here it is a bit tricky - may need to go back to settings and refresh the fields
  • Select 'Geo Coordinates' and select 'geo.coordinates' field
  • Select 'green arrow' on top to apply changes and explore zoom in/out
  • Switch to advanced options and check-out wms
  • There are terms of service for the maps service apparently separate from the elastic search product, go figure...

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