Timelion Exercise

  • Access Kibana user interface with browser: http://domain-name:5601/
  • Select Timelion on the left hand navigation bar
  • Switch to full screen using the icon on the chart
  • In the formula area type: .es(*)
  • Select time range of last 5 years
  • Select play button to update the presentation to present a typical time-series chart
  • Zoom-in to more active time period of the chart before next steps
  • In the formula area extend the expression to .es(*).derivative()
  • Select '1h' for the time interval from drop-down list
  • And select the play button again - variation for number of events on hourly basis will be presented
  • Modify the formula: .es(*), .es(*,offset=-1h) to compare count of events to previous hour and select play button
  • Add some custom color to the time series: .es(*), .es(*,offset=-1h).color(yellow) and select play button
  • Convert line to bars: .es(*), .es(*,offset=-1h).bars().color(yellow) and select play button again
  • Add secondary data source to correlate number of events in log files to population of Israel: .es(*).bars(), .wbi(country=ISR).divide(100000)
  • Adding another metric to the chart: .es(), .es(metric=max:memory).divide(100)
  • You are getting the rough idea of a potential...

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