Data Re-Indexing

  • Every so often you may run into changes required in mapping for existing fields
  • As per our previous attempts updating mapping for existing fields is not possible
  • The only solution I am aware of: create new index with new mapping and move data over
  • To move data reliably in ETL (extract, transform, and load) like fashion - scan API is useful
  • Initiating a scroll:
    curl 'localhost:9200/logstash-2015.05.20/log/_search?scroll=1m'
  • To continue with scroll until no records left:
    curl -XGET  'localhost:9200/_search/scroll'  -d '
      "scroll" : "1m", 
      "scroll_id" : "c2Nhbjs2OzM0NDg1ODpzRlBLc0FXNlNyNm5JWUc1" 
  • What do you do with the data you receive?
  • How do you plan for re-indexing possibility without affecting ElasticSearch clients?

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