Memory Planning

  • If I plan to store X documents with Y KB in size - what's the formula for memory requirements?
  • Search engines including ElasticSearch perform the best when data and index are cached in memory
  • How many aggregate queries vs. filtered queries vs. scan queries would you run?
  • How many request per second of each type are you planning to support?
  • How often will you be taking full snapshots and incremental snapshots?
  • How much memory is enough memory?
  • ElasticSearch is not a database per ce, hence it 'does not look before it leaps...'
  • Approach recommended by Elastic: "start out with more memory than you need and scale down to find the sweet spot"
  • Do not enable memory disk swap - it is deadly for ElasticSearch performance
  • Swap file might need to be disabled for other NoSql as well e.g.:Cassandra

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