Monitoring Plug-ins

  • ElasticSearch Cluster and Index RESFull Api allowed a lineup of plug-ins
  • X-Pack: monitoring and cluster management dashboard by Elastic
  • Allows to monitor multiple clusters health, indices, and individual nodes
  • Head another commonly mentioned monitoring and management plugin
  • Head's user interface is a bit dated but it appears to require no license
  • BigDesk comes with more appealing user interface
  • BigDesk doesn't appear to require a license and similar to head is open source
  • ElasticHQ runs in browser and is connecting to ElasticSearch Api, requires adding cors support to /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml:
    http.cors.allow-origin: "*"
    http.cors.enabled: true
  • Keep in mind 3rd party plugins are usually ElasticSearch and Kibana version specific

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