Chapter 12: What have we learned?

  • What are the design differences between NoSql and Rdbms?
  • What is the principal difference between database and search engine?
  • How would you compare data modeling between Rdbms and NoSql and SearchEngine?
  • What data modeling options we have discussed to replace Rdbms joins?
  • What are components of ElasticSearch cluster?
  • How do we query ElasticSearch?
  • What's the different between a search and a filter?
  • What aggregation types do you recall?
  • What data ingest options available from
  • What are three stages of data ingest with Logstash?
  • What types of Beat do you recall?
  • What user interface product available for ElasticSearch?
  • What are the roles of Discovery, Visualization, and Dashboards?
  • What are the consideration for capacity planning?

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